Pat Evans

Pat Evans is a beer writer based in Las Vegas and Grand Rapids, Michigan. His niches tend to focus mainly on beverage, food, and lifestyle.

Experiences and Credentials

He has written and published 2 books to date: Grand Rapids Beer: An Intoxicating History of River City Brewing (2015) and Nevada Beer: An Intoxicating History (2018) – the first one he’d written while working at GRBJ.

From late part of 2011 up to present, he’s been all over the world wide web – contributing to various websites here and there. He has been a beer columnist at Grand Rapids Magazine and a contributor at The Manual, and Las Vegas Food & Beverage.

His articles also appeared in Beer Connoisseur Magazine, Thrillist, and Gear Patrol.

Prior to his Summerlin Barnes & Noble book signing for his book Nevada Beer, he was featured in a Las Vegas Weekly article in February 2019. His first book, Grand Rapids Beer was also featured on James Fallows article on The Atlantic.

Away From Writing

He also ventured into public speaking and hosted MittenBrew podcasts. Between September 2012 to August 2017, he wore many “hats” and these include acting as a reporter for GRBJ and contributing editor for GR Magazine. His job descriptions include reporting mainly about beverage and technology. He’s also a Certified Beer Server and has undergone Training for Intervention Procedures or TIPS which is the industry’s leader in training responsible alcohol server and seller.