Brian Yaeger

Brian Yaeger is a well-known food and beverage writer but is more identified with anything beer-related. He is also an author, an events organizer, and a consultant. He mostly covers craft beer industry, as well as travel and artisanal entrepreneurs.

He has two published books under his belt, namely: Red, White, and Brew: An American Beer Odyssey (St. Martin’s) and Oregon Breweries(Stackpole). He also contributed to Garrett Oliver’s The Oxford Companion to Beer.

Experiences and Credentials

He has been so into beers and the knowledge behind them that his certificate is #931 out of over 100,000 Cicerone Certified Beer Servers to date – long before the certification even became the most sought-after status symbol in the beer industry. He also believes in sharing this knowledge by teaching at UCSB’s first-ever beer education class.

His works are frequently published in several national and local publications like his alt-weekly, the Santa Barbara Independent and some websites such as, Beer Connoisseur, All About Beer, BeerAdvocate, Seven Fifty Daily, Portland Mercury, New School Beer, and Draft.

Some of the beer fests that he organized include Baker’s Dozen, Kriekfest, and The Rural Brewer.

He’s been running a small business in Portland, Oregon with his small family consisting of his wife Half Pint, son I.P. Yae, and his dog Dunkel. Of course, it’s something related to his passion – the Inn Beervana Bed & Beer.


Brian graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) for his Bachelor of Arts Degree. He earned his Master of Professional Writing degree from the University of Southern California in 2007. His thesis was, again, about beer.